Wednesday, June 30, 2010


There's one thing that Robert Kiyosaki wrote in his book that stuck to me, When he was asked what should a person do to become a successful entrepreneur, he would answer Learn How To Sell.
However he also said that not all of the people who asked him this question follow his advice. Because of the idea of selling scares them or they think it's not worth investing their time in. These type of people want to jump into the wagon of success thinking it's that easy to do. Which is dead wrong because these millionaires and billionaires were once down in the bottom of the food chain. They worked their butt off to get to the point where there are. So if you're in that kind of situation right now. (which I'm also in right now), don't lose hope. Don't make sorry butt excuses and take full on responsibility for everything. Because At the end of it all, It's You, It's Me, It's Us who will enjoy our rewards in the end.

Fight all the negativity and procrastination. Just keep Moving.

I have so many things to say but I can't seem to find the time to blog it. But JUST wait for it.... I swear it will open your eyes! :)
"Donald Trump and I recommend and support the network marketing or direct sales industry primarily because of the education aspect of the industry, Not only do most of these businesses focus on training people to be business owners, many of these businesses also have great personal development and sales-training programs. Select an organization for the education aspect more than for the compensation. This is another example of investing more in your education before investing your money."

- Robert Kiyosaki (Why We Want You to be Rich, page 134)

Financial Education

I'm still reading that book that I blogged about here. It's not your typical book that you can read in one seating. Because ONE, the contents of the book are so informative and rich, you have to absorb EVERY word in the page. And TWO, it's just too good of a book to finish in a day.

So far from the chapters that I read from the book, I have learned what kind of crisis America is in for if they're not going to give the proper Financial Education to the people. And for this matter everybody in this world. Going to school and getting an education is a right thing to do, but in the world that we're living in, it isn't enough.

Mic and I were talking about this last night. I had a mind blowing evening last night, and it got me worked up and making plans. So basically I told Mic that it's better to be Street smart than Book smart nowadays. Getting a diploma is not enough. Because there's so many people graduating and how many openings are there in that field you finished in college? My point is, my chances to getting my ideal job is quite slim. Yes having a diploma gives you an edge, but it's not enough to pay the bills.

Trust me, I WANNA FINISH SCHOOLING I DO, it's what my parents want me to do. And I will make sure I'll do that. BUT FRANKLY... It really bothers me that Colleges and Universities even High Schools are not educating us correctly... and i mean FINANCIAL EDUCATION.

Because Having a Financial Education even if it's not that much, helps a person in the long run. You are more aware how everything works around. And that safety blanket, we all wish we have,that the rich have now will be ours for the taking.

One thing that stuck out to me are the THREE TYPES OF INVESTORS:

That stuck out because I was explaining that to Mic and I forgot the first type and had to go back to that chapter. I realized that I always to have remember these types of information because they're USEFUL FACTS TO KEEP IN THE MIND :)

Monday, June 21, 2010

I don't want to be a financial fear fore-monger, but I have to tell you that things aren't looking so great. Our financial security is shaky. Just because you can shop at Saks today or online tonight doesn't mean that everything is just fine and that there's nothing to worry about. Don't fall for that Comfort-zone Happy State. Don't get shortsighted.
- Donald J. Trump

Sunday, June 20, 2010

I saw this photo from weeks before. That's Peter Sy. Everybody from the GFI community knows him. He's a member of the Lycan Group. He's pretty wick when it comes to this business. A good role model to follow.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

June 12, 2010; Freedom | Independence Day

I've been meaning to blog about this. Back in June 12,2010 GFI's COI had its First event called the BLAST OF THE B.L.E.S.T. I was fortunate enough that Kat chose me along side Evon, Earl, and Deng to represent the Lycan Group as COI Girls. To be part of the crew was fun and tiring. My day started when I woke up at 8am or 9am gathering all the things that I needed for the day. Everyone from the South who were part of the crew were supposed to meet at McDonald's at Town. That was around 11:30am. From there we were off to Crossroad 77 at QC.

Once we got there, we were briefed about the things that were going to happen and what we're supposed to do. We got ready and by 6:30pm we were off to our stations.

The event was great. The bands that played were Silent Sanctuary, Sugarfree, and Urbandub.

They also announced the event for August 7th which is fronted by Parokya Ni Edgar.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Book Worm

Okay, yesterday at work I complained that I miss reading and I’m tired of looking at a monitor screen. I got out of work to meet Mic and Sophia at Town. I dropped by Mcdo to see Ryan and Robert.

Mic and I bought a calculator for him. And I dragged him to Powerbooks. I showed him that Bobbi Brown book that I’m saving up for. And Just as we were about to leave, I remembered that I’ve been itching to read a book by Donald Trump. I’ve been asking a friend to let me borrow his and being a boy, he says he’s busy and blah blah. ANYWAY. So I went to the Business Section just to LOOK. His books were so alluring to look at. I was about to buy his book, How to get Rich. (I realized that if I bought this I sounded money hungry.) So I decided to browse around that special section. (Donald Trump’s books I believe took up like 1/2 of the bookshelf) Then I saw this Book. He co-wrote it with Robert Kiyosaki.

I didn’t think twice of buying it. You know those feelings where the voice in your head would say, “Don’t do it!”. I didn’t hear that voice! :)

Once I got home, I read the first 2 chapters, I was freaking out. Cos this book is honest and so straight to the point! Words can’t express the opinion that I have about this book. If you know these two Businessmen or have heard about them, I swear when you read their books, there’s no wonder why they’re in the position that they are right now. They wanna reach out to the people and open their minds that depending in the government is not a safety blanket but a suicide decision. They want the people to know how they can be part of the Solution rather than be part of the Problem.

One Lesson that I learned from reading this so far, Don't Depend too much on the government. Social Security or Any Medical Insurance. If you think they'll be there for you when you retire, I'm telling you right now, You're wrong.

Kiyosaki and Trump teaches the reader how you can solve your financial problem. And be financial free.