Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Financial Education

I'm still reading that book that I blogged about here. It's not your typical book that you can read in one seating. Because ONE, the contents of the book are so informative and rich, you have to absorb EVERY word in the page. And TWO, it's just too good of a book to finish in a day.

So far from the chapters that I read from the book, I have learned what kind of crisis America is in for if they're not going to give the proper Financial Education to the people. And for this matter everybody in this world. Going to school and getting an education is a right thing to do, but in the world that we're living in, it isn't enough.

Mic and I were talking about this last night. I had a mind blowing evening last night, and it got me worked up and making plans. So basically I told Mic that it's better to be Street smart than Book smart nowadays. Getting a diploma is not enough. Because there's so many people graduating and how many openings are there in that field you finished in college? My point is, my chances to getting my ideal job is quite slim. Yes having a diploma gives you an edge, but it's not enough to pay the bills.

Trust me, I WANNA FINISH SCHOOLING I DO, it's what my parents want me to do. And I will make sure I'll do that. BUT FRANKLY... It really bothers me that Colleges and Universities even High Schools are not educating us correctly... and i mean FINANCIAL EDUCATION.

Because Having a Financial Education even if it's not that much, helps a person in the long run. You are more aware how everything works around. And that safety blanket, we all wish we have,that the rich have now will be ours for the taking.

One thing that stuck out to me are the THREE TYPES OF INVESTORS:

That stuck out because I was explaining that to Mic and I forgot the first type and had to go back to that chapter. I realized that I always to have remember these types of information because they're USEFUL FACTS TO KEEP IN THE MIND :)

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